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Create a personalized wedding website for each of your couples with a Showit plus site! Upload the template to your website, and create as many plus sites as you'd like. All you need to do is switch out the photos and text with your couple's information!

This wedding website has sections for

  • Their story of how they met, their dating life, and their proposal.
  • Details about their wedding. This includes sections for venue information, addresses, parking info, nearby hotels, the timeline of their day, and more sections for any other info.
  • A gallery to show off their engagement photos (putting your work in front of hundreds of potential customers every time your couple shares their site!)
  • Buttons to link out to their registries.
  • Buttons to link out to their RSVP platform
  • A section at the bottom promoting your photography business and encouraging visitors to check out your website!

Easily customize this one-page plus site to fit your brand and delight your clients. This elegant black and white theme fits with several wedding and shooting styles to seamlessly match your work.


Wedding Website for your clients:
Black & White ELegance

Showstopping Sites

Start investing in your own platform!

Social media will come and go. Your website is yours for life.

Social media will come and go. Your website is yours for life.

attract your dream couples

Creating or improving your website takes a lot of work up front. But once you've got it going, it will work for you while you sleep!

Set it and forget it!

and create your ideal clients!

Get a professional look that's as unique and impressive as your photos!

Brand yourself as an industry expert

Get Beautiful designs without the Time suck


Do I need my own showit subscription? →

Yes! You cannot use this product unless you have an active Showit subscription. Depending on the product, you may also need the Showit + Basic Blog subscription. Make sure you read the listing thoroughly to make sure you have what you need!

Can I use the Photos that come with it? →

Nope. I do show you where you should put photos, but you will need to add your own photos and customize it before you publish it to your site.

What if I'm not very tech savvy? →

You'll receive a video that walks you through how to customize your Showit pages. You don't have to be technologically gifted to get a beautiful site up and running! Most customizations are done just by double clicking on what you want to change and replacing the photo or text. You can always refer to the help guide, Showit support, or the Showit User Group for extra help!