Prewritten Blog Post:
Planning a Wedding Reception Timeline

Help your couples plan a smooth reception that sets you up for success!

Walks the reader through a traditional American reception timeline. Discusses a smooth order of events rather than exact timing. Encourages flexibility in the timeline and twists on traditions. Sets an expectation for photography coverage ending after the parent dances (you can easily adjust this if needed).

SEO Optimized in both Yoast and Rank IQ for the keyword "wedding reception timeline".

Easily customize info to reflect your recommendations (markers and indicators are placed throughout the post to help you identify sections that you might want changed).

  • Your own website/blog
  • A computer


Why blog?

Building Client trust:

give knowledgeable and professional advice

Building Client trust:

give informative and professional advice

attract your dream couples

  • Copy and paste bits of your blog to use for social media captions
  • Grow an email list; turn one blog into multiple emails
  • Use blogs as content inspiration for Reels or Tik Tok

Resue across your social channels!

and create your ideal clients!

Giving you more freedom and confidence to raise your prices!

Brand yourself as an industry expert

have prepared clients- making your job easier


How do I get this onto my website? →

Copy and paste! You'll receive a digital link where you can simply copy and paste the words onto your own website. 

Does the blog post come with photos? →

Nope. I do show you where you should put photos in the blog post, but you will need to add your own photos and formatting when you publish it to your site.

What if there's a part of the post I don't like? →

Change it up! Feel free to rearrange sections, reword headings, or simply delete parts you don't like. Your post is yours. I've placed indicators throughout the blog post highlighting sections that might be too specific or not applicable to all photographers, so those places should be easy to spot and easy to change.